It’s no secret that I love styled shoots and let me tell you why !

For me creating content in the form of a styled shoot is the place you get to really push yourself and explore new ideas that I hope will inspire others & satisfy the creative urge within ! It a place where I can answer that creative calling which cannot always be satisfied with a real wedding as that should always be a reflection of your client’s passion and vision.

Styled Shoots are for flexing your creative muscles and showing the world where your creative vibe thrives. For me, they are not for repeating the shoot you saw last week on your favourite blog or Pinterest! They are a place for innovation, inspiration and connections, a magical place where your authentic self can really shine.

I wouldn’t be where I am today without styled shoots.

Through styled shoots I have managed to gain industry recognition, showcase my work on the international platform and really align my brand with the people whom I know will value my service and skills the most. Its enabled me to connect with the clients to which Im aligned.

I have built strong relationships with other creatives and brands through the collaboration process of styled shoots, many of whom have become good friends. The styled shoot process has allowed me to make new connections with like minded business whom I know will be aligned with my clients needs also. The process has helped me gain trusted and respected relationships with brands and services that add value to my business and vice a versa. Making these kind of connections reinforces the belief of community over competition, together we are stronger !

When I started out on my journey, the number one thing I wanted to show was my authentic self and the skills I could offer clients. I knew the only way to achieve this was to create my own content to share with the world – no stock images, no inspirational imagery on my instagram , it had to be my own work and represent the service I was offering. The only way forward for me was to create a styled shoot in order to 1) gain content that I could then share across my social media and website & 2) attract the clients I wanted to work with.

This decision was huge factor in the development of my business.

This is why I am a huge fan and believe that styled shoots can help your business grow & Im here to show you can transform your business with styled shoots too and attract the clients that are right for you.

Ive put together a free mini guide of the first 10 steps to planning a successful styled shoot for you. My intention is that it will get you thinking in the right direction right at the early stages of your styled shoot planning – as they say, success is in built on great foundations, so think of the mini guide as the foundations from which to start building your successful styled shoot. You can download your free copy below !

Ready to create your own styled shoot ?

Not sure where to start though ?

We have put together our first 10 steps to planning a successful styled shoot to help you get started. You can download it for free here.

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If you need help elevating your wedding business and want to create your own aligned branded shoot but not sure where to start ? Get in touch – we can help !

We offer styled shoot support to get your branded shoot fully aligned and create creative content that will elevate your business.

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